Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After dinner

260509 Tuesday

The whole family went for a japanese dinner at a nearby restaurant. Upon reaching home, daddy went to the cabinet and took out the poochie pouch and immediately we knew we are going for walk.

I think mummy must be guilty conscious for eating too much and now she walks us so that she can get her food digested. hehehehehehe

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend again !

240509 Sunday

Horray ! Sunday morning waking up at about 6.30am is never a big issue for both of us knowing very well that our daddy will be bring us for a run again but this time around, not knowing where we are heading.

Mummy put the choke chain on us and leash and also water bottles but without her bikini's. We then knew we not going to that beach for swimming or surfing again. Whatever is it, as long as we get to go out, it's heaven to us ! hahahahaha

Finally we reach our designation at about 7.00am, guess where ? " PASIR RIS PARK ! " Yipeeeeeeeee ........
We get to chase those little birdie again. Daddy took a short video on us. Guess he still new to all this video taking for the outcome was : Suck big time !

As usual, after the outing is our weekly bath time. SIGH, fun ended too soon. Have to wait for another weekend to come by.

Coming weekend we might not be able to have our daily dose of running as we overheard daddy telling mummy that he's invovled in some president dinner function on saturday night and may end till late therefore resulting in daddy sleeping the whole of sunday. We've keep our paws cross. Maybe we can lick him up on Sunday morning? ( Evil thou )hehehehehe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Caught !

230509 Saturday

I was caught trying to steal a bite of the ready lungs. Sniper never dare to do it. This time daddy captured me in the act on his camera. He was real fast. My attempt was ruined.

Hmmm......funny, our daddy had his camera on standby since this blog has since been created. Me and julius wonder why ?...................

Treats done !

230509 Saturday

Finally after the 12 hour marathon, the treats are done not before stinking the whole house as usual. Mummy had to open up and air the whole house.

Preparation of treats

220509 Friday

I patiently waited for my kor kor to finish laying the lungs and maybe reward me some but he told me that it's take about 12 hours before both me and Sniper can try .

Sigh .............. Have to wait then.

Cut Lamb Lungs

Cut Lamb heart

The butcher @ work.

A happy Ah Neh

Friday 220509

The Ah Neh ( stall holder ) @ KK market was delightened to see my daddy again. My daddy has been there almost every friday for the past month. The Ah Neh could recognise my daddy from far now.

This time around, daddy bought a lamb heart ( $4.00 ) for us to try out and also the usual 3 pair of lamb lungs. ( $5.00 @).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Blues

180509 ( Monday )

Yipee ! Always look forward to monday morning as mummy would bring us along for a car ride when she ferries our kor2 and Jie2 to school. We could tag along only on monday cause daddy don't need to report to office therefore mummy drives the children to school.

Just now, while daddy trying to feed us our only favourite treats ( dehydrated lamb lungs ), he dropped the whole box of lungs on to the floor, and you guys know what ? Me and Julius sucked up as much as and as fast as we could ! hahahahahaha what a treat ! How i wish daddy has those butter fingers always !

Weekend is the Best

170509 ( Sunday )

Woke up thinking that mummy will bring us for our usual morning run in the park or a swim in sentosa but no luck as daddy went to buy breakfast.

After breakfast, had to sit up the sofa for the next 45 minutes as daddy had to mop the whole house.

Finally we got the evening walk around the neighbourhood and then had our weekly bath and simple grooming. Hate it when daddy file my nails. I alway play tug of war with him till he shouted at me. Didi Julius usually obeys his command and sat still for daddy to groom him. Stupid of him. hehehehehe

Also heard from daddy that our brother in dog " Cobi " came in 2nd at the SKC fun event in the afternoon. How come we were not there at the SKC show ah ? ( if i'm there, sure get 1st lah )Must be that lazy daddy again.

Anyway, congratulation to our bro " Cobi " !
160509 ( Saturday )

Weekend came and went pretty fast for both of us.
We had a couple and their furkid came over for dinner. Wooooo so much fun. I ( sniper ) got to hump that poor little fella all night long but of course also had a few stroke of canning from daddy for those naughty acts lah. My younger bro, Julius, also tried playing with that furkid too.
They left without informing me and i sat @ the main door almost the whole night staring at it waiting for their return until mummy told me they had really left and will only come again if we invite them over the next time. ( sigh ) How i wish my mummy play host to them real soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My turn when i was small ( sniper ) ........

When I ( julius ) was small, and christmas tree was tall.............

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally, our blog is created !

Finally, our daddy sat down and created us a blog so that we can share our life with our fellow furkid kakis !