Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Daddy and Mummy was debarking on my weight resulting me sitting on that small little square metal box which hardly can contain my whole bum.

Worst, had to sit for the whole 5 mins for that photography session.
Result : 10 KG ! Fat anot ah ? hehehehehe
No lah hor.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No pic , No sound !

Just came back from our " very early " walk around the estate not too long ago with bath and breakfast all thrown in. Sniper and I are now resting with our eyes half closed waiting for the tiring muscles to kick in so that we can eventually doze off.

Early in the pitched darkness morning, Mummy woke up at about 6am and prepare all the neccessary things for the morning walk and bath session after the walk while me and Sniper ran around the house in excitiment with occasion of screaming and yelling. Of course scolding came along aftermath. hehehehehe

With the signal from the authority to wake Daddy up at about 6.30, both of us would hop onto the bed and begin to perform our ritual on him by scratching and licking on his face resulting in the fast activation of his sleepy eyes to an alert stage within seconds! Then, off he went to wash up and we were ready to leave home before the sun comes out by 6.45am.

It have been weeks since daddy posted something on us . He have been not only busy with own driving training and work, but also spending much time on his stupid FACEBOOK. He also got his 2 children suck into it too.

Nevertheless, he still brings us for our daily walk despite his busy schedule. hehehehe We " love " him !

Till we woof woof or meet again, CHEERIOS !