Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Time !

Our new dog tag
Our party food 300809 ( Sunday )

Daddy's handphone alarm came on @ 6.30am in the break of the Sunday morning jerking Sniper off from his sleep but not me ( Julius ) as I'm always awake at that time.

Yipeeeeee, At that hour of the day, the morning smells fresh 'cause I know Sniper n me will be going for our morning " marking time ".

Out of the door, we dashed to our marking area by 6.50am. Despite the dark clouds hanging around, we managed to cover our walk by 8.30 am as we made our way home because of that stupid daddy's stomach calling out for food.

Pawrent cleaned us up but without the usual bathing. ?????????? Why ah? So good meh, today no need to bath meh? Later did I then knew that we are attending one of our buddies barkday party later in the noon.

After our breakfast, i took a nap with sniper while the family caught up some cantonese show on disc. How boring. They should at least play with me lah. HUMAN ! The weather wasn't that good afterall as it rained the whole morning thru out noon.

At about 2.30 pm, i was awake by mummy perfume as she dolled herself for the party. I got so excited that I barked at the top of my voice while Sniper too joined in till i got reprimanded by the master of the house. hehehehehe That'a a dog life !

Again off we went to this new dog cafe which I never been before and within minutes we reached the location. Behold, the birthday girl and boy was at the door to receive us. Of course, before i could wish them happy birthday, i got my butt sniffed immediately. ( Sigh ) Are those fellas are from the CNB ? Checking me and Sniper out before entries in case both of us carries controlled substances? ( hard to understand? ask my daddy ).

The party and the food was great for both for dog/human. The hosts also got us name tags with our name on it. How thoughtful. We enjoyed ourself very much till we realise it was time to go home when mummy took out those leashes from her bag. We reached home, had our bath, mummy prepared milk for both of us and finally me n Sniper slowly zzzzzzz for the day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pillion around d estate

Just came back after rounding the whole estate behind daddy's back.
Daddy took half an hour to fix the collaspsible basket onto mei mei's Victoria bike and ........... tada............a bicycle built for 3 !
Mummy and Kor2 Nicholas had their own ride while we hitch a ride from Daddy.

Wow, so tiring but was fun watching people, the sceneries, the buildings...................and, and also watch daddy sweating profusely cycling us around. hehehehehe
We love you again, DADDY !
We look forward to another weekend but overheard that Julius is due for grooming next saturday. sigh !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My icons !

Daddy got me to pose with all the MS icons/plush toys available @ home out of the blue ! ( CRAZY ) shhhhhh..........

Weekday walks!

Got our weekdays walk as usual but not before we have to "down stay" to show our pawrent that we can behave to a certain level. hehehehe