Monday, October 5, 2009

Long time no see !

October 4th 2009
It's has been quite a while since Daddy had much time for us. He even dare to miss out some great outing with the rest of the MS gang due to his work load for F1, IGA, coming Apec meeting...............etc and this recent new hobby " Pocket Bike " ( CRAP ). But then he " found " time to get us a new bicycle and attached the old basket to it so that Sniper n me can ride on the back when we go for our usual rounds around the neighbourhood.

We also had our sunday morning walk despite the raining weather. ( not so bad afterall )

He promise us that we will be going for the coming MS gathering. ( keeping out paws crossed ). Also the sentosa swim which is long long long over due. Can anyone please inform Ebi/Emma mummy not to hold gathering on Sat morning?

Daddy got tons of excuses ( Bullshit ) not to attend. Also, mummy and the kids usually does their cleaning on Sat morning.

Looking forward to Depavali. Ohhh...... not that we are visiting daddy's indian friends but the long weekend means we can go to the pre-planned outing with the MS gangs. Well, for the time being, take care everybody, till we meet again! WOOF WOOF !!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Time !

Our new dog tag
Our party food 300809 ( Sunday )

Daddy's handphone alarm came on @ 6.30am in the break of the Sunday morning jerking Sniper off from his sleep but not me ( Julius ) as I'm always awake at that time.

Yipeeeeee, At that hour of the day, the morning smells fresh 'cause I know Sniper n me will be going for our morning " marking time ".

Out of the door, we dashed to our marking area by 6.50am. Despite the dark clouds hanging around, we managed to cover our walk by 8.30 am as we made our way home because of that stupid daddy's stomach calling out for food.

Pawrent cleaned us up but without the usual bathing. ?????????? Why ah? So good meh, today no need to bath meh? Later did I then knew that we are attending one of our buddies barkday party later in the noon.

After our breakfast, i took a nap with sniper while the family caught up some cantonese show on disc. How boring. They should at least play with me lah. HUMAN ! The weather wasn't that good afterall as it rained the whole morning thru out noon.

At about 2.30 pm, i was awake by mummy perfume as she dolled herself for the party. I got so excited that I barked at the top of my voice while Sniper too joined in till i got reprimanded by the master of the house. hehehehehe That'a a dog life !

Again off we went to this new dog cafe which I never been before and within minutes we reached the location. Behold, the birthday girl and boy was at the door to receive us. Of course, before i could wish them happy birthday, i got my butt sniffed immediately. ( Sigh ) Are those fellas are from the CNB ? Checking me and Sniper out before entries in case both of us carries controlled substances? ( hard to understand? ask my daddy ).

The party and the food was great for both for dog/human. The hosts also got us name tags with our name on it. How thoughtful. We enjoyed ourself very much till we realise it was time to go home when mummy took out those leashes from her bag. We reached home, had our bath, mummy prepared milk for both of us and finally me n Sniper slowly zzzzzzz for the day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pillion around d estate

Just came back after rounding the whole estate behind daddy's back.
Daddy took half an hour to fix the collaspsible basket onto mei mei's Victoria bike and ........... tada............a bicycle built for 3 !
Mummy and Kor2 Nicholas had their own ride while we hitch a ride from Daddy.

Wow, so tiring but was fun watching people, the sceneries, the buildings...................and, and also watch daddy sweating profusely cycling us around. hehehehehe
We love you again, DADDY !
We look forward to another weekend but overheard that Julius is due for grooming next saturday. sigh !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My icons !

Daddy got me to pose with all the MS icons/plush toys available @ home out of the blue ! ( CRAZY ) shhhhhh..........

Weekday walks!

Got our weekdays walk as usual but not before we have to "down stay" to show our pawrent that we can behave to a certain level. hehehehe

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Daddy and Mummy was debarking on my weight resulting me sitting on that small little square metal box which hardly can contain my whole bum.

Worst, had to sit for the whole 5 mins for that photography session.
Result : 10 KG ! Fat anot ah ? hehehehehe
No lah hor.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

No pic , No sound !

Just came back from our " very early " walk around the estate not too long ago with bath and breakfast all thrown in. Sniper and I are now resting with our eyes half closed waiting for the tiring muscles to kick in so that we can eventually doze off.

Early in the pitched darkness morning, Mummy woke up at about 6am and prepare all the neccessary things for the morning walk and bath session after the walk while me and Sniper ran around the house in excitiment with occasion of screaming and yelling. Of course scolding came along aftermath. hehehehehe

With the signal from the authority to wake Daddy up at about 6.30, both of us would hop onto the bed and begin to perform our ritual on him by scratching and licking on his face resulting in the fast activation of his sleepy eyes to an alert stage within seconds! Then, off he went to wash up and we were ready to leave home before the sun comes out by 6.45am.

It have been weeks since daddy posted something on us . He have been not only busy with own driving training and work, but also spending much time on his stupid FACEBOOK. He also got his 2 children suck into it too.

Nevertheless, he still brings us for our daily walk despite his busy schedule. hehehehe We " love " him !

Till we woof woof or meet again, CHEERIOS !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Before n After again ?

Last week i was laughing @ Julius for having to keep still for the grooming session but unfortunately, this week my turn. ( Sigh) The in house groomer got me done under 3 hours although i keep moving around and refusing to let him cut my nails. hehehehe
The groomer agitate me so much that i almost took a bite at him. Luckily, i controlled and let him off this time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before and After !

That's me before the 3 hours of tranformation!

The final result. ( I'm sooooooooo tired !!!!!!! )

Mid Week Treats

Dehydrated Apples

Dehydrated Lean pork slices

Mummy went NTUC again for our porkie treats but also came back with 4 apples.

So, finally we get to try our other options instead of lamb lungs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

After dinner.

Sunday 140609

The family had dessert not long after dinner. Durian again! No, wait, not durian this time, but durian cake! I love my pawrent. They're such wonderful people knowing what me n Sniper love best.

They must had smuggled the cake in during our absence for if both me and Sniper knew, we would have jump for the cake on the spot.

Sunday Spread !

Our favorite drumlets from P/Hut !


Sunday wasn't that great for us this week as me n Sniper had to stay at home the whole afternoon to defend the heat in the house.

Pawrent and the kids went " Yum Cha " and then headed to Vivo city for shopping the whole day till 4 plus. Then mummy started preparing dinner while that lazy daddy took a nap.

Jie2 Victoria phoned Pizza hut delivery and i knew immediately that our favourite sweet n spicy chicken drumlets will be on their way soon.............yipee!

The family had their salad dinner consisting of : Pizzas, chicken drumlets, rambutan stuffed pineapple, kidney beans, corns, cucumber, strawberries, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, avocado, lettuce and last but not least, blueberries. They forgot to buy Tequila chips. hehehehe

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday evening walk !

Strange ? Suprise ?

We had our weekly walk just a few hours ago instead of the usual sunday morning or evening walk.

Heard that daddy wants to have his sunday morning " Yum Cha " @ his usual haunt. ( Red Star Restaurant/Chin Swee Rd ) therefore resulting in our walk on a sat evening.

Daddy must have some " ROAD " with that restaurant aunty manager. Mummy complained that daddy always like to patronise that restaurant. She can imagine the taste of all the food there before she even steps in the restaurant. The children also objected but daddy insist of going.

Anyway, after the walk, we had our weekly scrub down before dinner is served.

Bath time on sat ?

Me in the bathroom.
Waiting to be dry.

Almost done.

Done. See how happy am I !

Bath time on Sat


After coming out from the bathroom.

Waiting to be dry.

Blow dry in progress. Hate this moment. Have to stand still for them. If not,............. Notice my " not happy face ? "

Finally, i'm done. Clean, fresh and smell nice too.

Daddy's shopping trip !

Daddy went to Mustafa Centre again.

This time, he came back with 7 pcs of lungs

resulting in 3 container of treats.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Pawrent and the kids had their durian feast last night including me ( Julius ).

Sniper never like durian but last night was exceptional. Aiyah, another competitor !

Daddy bought the D1 grade durian this time around as the so called better graded " Cat hill King " was not available. To both of us, no different lah. As long as it's sweet, we just whack. I just wonder does the durians do us good? Anyway, my motto is : " Life's short, Eat fast ! "

Daddy almost got a parking ticket as he parked along the double yellow line while choosing the king of fruits. Fortunately, kor kor Nicholas who was inside the car spotted the summon king and came out and stopped him. He told that fella that his father is also a summom king. Thus, no summom lah. ( kaki mah ) hahahahahaha

More shots !

My Favorite !

See ? Tongue starts sticking out.

Don't like ? Don't pretend lah !

Durian Feast

Finally, i took the courage to feast on that yellow yellow fruit.

I didn't like it in the first place but.................

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bottle of treats

Our Last jug of " lamb Lungs " which roughly last us for the next 6 days before Daddy goes hunting again.
We LOVE you, Daddy !

It's surfing time !

070609 sunday

Again both me and kor2 couldn't sleep much last night as we anticipated today's outing to sentosa for some sand, salt, sun and sea ! Also, expecting some fellow MS gang members joining us.

Mummy woke everbody up @ 6am and we're off hitting the road by 6.40am. Pawrent went for their breakfast at their favourite coffee shop while me and sniper sat beside them patiently urging them to finish up their breakfast the soonest.

Finally, we hit the road again. This time to my desired destination. We reached there at about 8.30am. First to arrive, first to jump into the water too.

Later, the MS gangs arrived and i jumped with extcitement. Present were Ebi, Emma, Cobi, Rocky, Tessie, Ozzy. Also came along was a very small CCH and a skinny maltese. Don't know much about them. Must be Daddy kakis lah. Anyway, i was too preoccuiped with the rest of the gang and the sea. We miss the company of the rest of the MS gangs which one way or another had their valid reasons for not coming.

Fun time can never last. One moment, i swimming around, the next moment, i'm off to the open air shower area. Daddy scrubbed me till my skin turn red while sniper had his share later on.

We left the island slightly after 1pm. Following which we heard the thunder roaring and the sky turned dark. Not long after, it started to rain. God's Will ? I hope. At least he let us enjoyed the beautiful sunday morning with our family and gangs.

Pawrent went for their lunch at old airport road hawker center while me and kor2 stayed inside the car.

Mummy prepare our lunch the moment we touches home and we ate and immediately went into our dreamland. I heard rest of the family knocked out too.

What a lovely weekend. Looking forward to the next as we wonder what our pawrent will bring us to.