Monday, October 5, 2009

Long time no see !

October 4th 2009
It's has been quite a while since Daddy had much time for us. He even dare to miss out some great outing with the rest of the MS gang due to his work load for F1, IGA, coming Apec meeting...............etc and this recent new hobby " Pocket Bike " ( CRAP ). But then he " found " time to get us a new bicycle and attached the old basket to it so that Sniper n me can ride on the back when we go for our usual rounds around the neighbourhood.

We also had our sunday morning walk despite the raining weather. ( not so bad afterall )

He promise us that we will be going for the coming MS gathering. ( keeping out paws crossed ). Also the sentosa swim which is long long long over due. Can anyone please inform Ebi/Emma mummy not to hold gathering on Sat morning?

Daddy got tons of excuses ( Bullshit ) not to attend. Also, mummy and the kids usually does their cleaning on Sat morning.

Looking forward to Depavali. Ohhh...... not that we are visiting daddy's indian friends but the long weekend means we can go to the pre-planned outing with the MS gangs. Well, for the time being, take care everybody, till we meet again! WOOF WOOF !!!!!

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