Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One year ago !

Time really passes real fast. It's been a year since that lazy bum log in here and do some updating on us but, at least he does.

Sigh, must be those electronic gadgets that's keeping him all year round busy. How both me ( Sniper ) and Julius wish those gadgets don't exist so that he can spend more time with us but yet again he still does spend quality time by bringing us for our weekend walks and recently back to our favourite place ( Pasir Ris Park ) where he'll unleash us and let us run freely and wild till other park goers starts staring at us. woof woof!!

We're head for a swim at a dog's pool ( Upetgamart ) and finally have our bath there too. Finally back home and we rest with ease with a contented heart.

Well, we hope we can bring joy n happiness to his family as long as we live and bless them too even when we're not around anymore.

Lastly, we hope he finds time again real soon to update everyone of our progress n well being. So in the meantime, stay healthy and cheerful at all time.

Cheero! woof wwwooofffff!!!!!!!

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